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Give a Kick If You Get a Kick Out of Ogre Sauce – Based out of Charlotte

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Ron’s bottle of Ogre Sauce – Incredible NC

If you enjoy grilling you know that the barbeque sauce you use can make or break yo meat! And while there are some decent off the shelf options out of your local Teeter, how about upping your game and giving Ogre Sauce a try? Ogre sauce, what’s that? Well if you’re looking for a small, craft barbeque sauce option based right here out of North Carolina (Charlotte), you might want to get some Ogre sauce the next time you’re grilling. These guys (Chris and Mike) are making a delicious sauce without high fructose corn syrup and have a Kickstarter right now to move their production to the next level. Check out their video below and if you’re feeling the Ogre love, join in on their Kickstarter!

The guys over at Ogre Sauce sent me a bottle to try out so who am I to complain? I baked up some antibiotic free chicken thighs and double basted the thighs with some Ogre sauce near the end and then a final baste with some broiling action for some seared meat. I tasted the sauce before it went on and it’s a tangy concoction with some savory underneath. Reminds me a bit of a tomato-mustard sauce, probably from South Carolina origins. It sears up the chicken skin nicely and offers up a great alternative from the usual sticky, sweet, hickory based sauces you’ll find on the shelves. From what I’ve heard, people just enjoy dipping their food in Ogre Sauce so don’t be shy!
Ron’s baked chicken with Ogre Sauce – Incredible NC

So if you’re interested in some Ogre Sauce, check out their Kickstarter ! You can get in on the Ogre sauce love and help them get their business rolling. We’re talking about a tangy, tasty craft barbeque sauce based out on Charlotte, NC. So how can you go wrong with that?!


Ogre Sauce

Kickstarter, November 2016



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